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Fascias and Soffits in Fishguard


Frequently asked questions about fascias and soffits.

What exactly are fascias and soffits?

Fascia and soffit installers in Fishguard Fascias are the horizontal band underneath the roofline that the guttering attaches to. Most fascias within the United Kingdom are actually mainly made of uPVC. Soffits would are the bottom of the fascia. Together they preserve timber roof structures and brickwork, by moving water away.

What job do fascias, soffits, cladding and guttering do?

They safeguard parts of your house from water damage and mould, like the brickwork. They may also positively enhance the look of your house.

Why should I have my fascias, soffits and cladding changed?

These elements are often produced from softwood and thus will decay and deteriorate with time, however well-maintained they've been. Total elimination of that old wood using modern uPVC materials is a far greater solution than cosmetic cladding as any wood left in position will continually rot, making further remedial work necessary later on.

What are the benefits of plastic rather than wood?

You will find several benefits, probably the most helpful ones being the potential to deal with weathering, much reduced maintenance, no bending, no decaying, no cracking and no painting is required.

Will you have to erect scaffold?

To get into most areas we've our own equipment that we'll move around your home. If places are uncovered that are unsafe to make then scaffold will have to be erected for the property or building.

What maintenance is required in my fascias and soffits?

At the very least, clean your fascia and soffits in Fishguard two times annually, at the end of spring and late autumn. If you reside in a woodland area, clean them more often should be necessary. Regularly cleansing the uPVC with warm soap and water ought to keep the majority of the grime away. UPVC cleaner is available for more stubborn stains.

How long does it take to install fascias and soffits in Fishguard?

This is dependent about how much work is involved, on average it can take between one to three days for one to five bed room houses.


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